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Chiplogic Technologies (Chiplogic) is an IP and Product Engineering Services company established in 2018, with technical expertise in providing high quality and dependable services in Semiconductor, Systems, IOT and AI/ML areas.

We provide ODC and full turnkey semiconductor design and system solution from concept to silicon, POCs and IOT final system solutions and services in AI/ML area around our own VISARD™ (Video Synthesis And Real-time Dynamics) framework.

Our Services


Chiplogic Technologies has significant knowledge and work experience in areas like Power Management, Automotive, Network, high-speed interconnect protocols and Artificial/Visual computing applications.

IoT and Systems

Chiplogic Technologies’ vast experience and expertise in IoT has helped build compelling solutions targeted for industrial, smart-city, smart-office and other control applications.

AI/ML Services

At Chiplogic Technologies, we build customized, cognitive and real-world AI solutions with next-gen capabilities which enable you to stay at the forefront of the digital race and experience a seamless transition into the world of AI


VISARD™ (VIdeo Synthesis And Real-time Dynamics) is an Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning software framework, that is designed for Synthesizing, enerating and transforming real world videos for various applications.

VISARD platform hosts distinguishable features which are built using various deep networks such as Cycle GAN, Conditional GAN and variants of them to achieve the desired Video transformation and deep learning generative models to render realistic videos.

Latest Blogs

Terrain Transformation - Virtual Background Transformation!

| Akanksha Krishna | Blogs
Cycle GAN is a technique for training unsupervised image translation models via the GAN architecture using unpaired collections of images from two different domains

Scale-Invariant Feature Transformation

| Akanksha Krishna | Blogs
The SIFT algorithm takes an image and transforms i t into a collection of local feature vectors.

What is 5G?

| Kalmesh Chougala | Blogs
5G will do much more than significantly improve your network connection. It provides new opportunities, enabling us to deliver groundbreaking solutions that reach across society.

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