Facial Recognition Systems

Chiplogic's Facial Recognition System (FRS) uses
smart AI to authenticate people using their key facial features
and recognizes facial expressions to make it fool proof,
all of it done is real time.

As technology evolves, facial recognition has become increasingly prevalent. With the ease of access to images on the internet, and advances in digital and print image resolution, biometric systems have security vulnerabilities that fraudsters can exploit. Among these spoofing methods, called presentation attacks, are photographs, digital and video replay attacks.

Chiplogic's Facial Recognition System (FRS) uses intelligent AI to authenticate people using their key facial features and recognizes facial expressions to make it fool proof , all of it done is real time. Chiplogic’s FRS helps in improving security & fraud detection as it employs comprehensive in-depth information to validate authenticity or identify individuals.

It is now fast, easy and secure for corporates/companies to use a liveness detection system in their daily operations. Liveness detection in biometrics enables a system to determine if a fingerprint or face (or other biometric) is real (from a live person present at the point of capture) or fake (from a spoof artifact).


Landmark Detection

Intelligently detects and tracks key points from the face in order to determine the pose position and rotation of head in real-time.

Smile Detection

Smart AI algorithm powered smile detection ensures robust and anti-spoof authentication process.

Quick Detection Time

Detection in less than 3 seconds

Liveness Detection

Assures higher degree of safety by detecting the liveness of the person

For all Lighting Conditions

Works efficiently in real-world lighting conditions

Eye Blink Detection

Eye-blink detection adds up to an extra layer of safety

FRS Applications

Access Management for Corporates
Laboratory and healthcare facilities
ID Management, attendance tracking & monitoring
Restricted entry at Government facilities
Access management at Manufacturing facilities

Our Values


Delete Liveness Data after each login and collect new Liveness Data for every new session. This prevents biometric honeypots and allows for safe, centralized biometric storage.


Only true homegrown 3D Algorithms that measure the shape of the user’s face can be unbiased to skin tone. Our pathbreaking landmark detection adds to the degree of accuracy


Centralized 3D FaceMap storage with server-side 3D neural networks to provide utmost security, enabling cross-platform logins, simplify device upgrades, and allow multiple devices and users.

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