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Industry 4.0

  • Industry 4.0 emphasizes on digital technology and takes it to a whole new level with the help of interconnectivity through the Internet of Things (Industrial IoT - IIoT), access to real- time data, and the introduction of cyber-physical systems so as to optimize the Operations, reduce costs through preventive / predictive maintenance.
  • Industry 4.0 offers a more comprehensive, interlinked, and holistic approach to manufacturing. It connects physical with digital, and allows for better collaboration and access across departments, partners, vendors, product, and people. Industry 4.0 empowers business stakeholders to better understand and control every aspect of their operation; also allowing them to leverage instant data to boost productivity, improve processes, and drive growth.
  • Being in the forefront of Digital Transformation, Chiplogic Technologies has created a distinctive Industry 4.0 transformation offering, disrupting the industries for automotive, appliance manufacturing, supply chain and much more


Define the business outcome

Design and Development

Proof of concept, pilot deployment to ensure the technical feasibility for deployment at business scale


Business scale deployment and system configuration


IoT life cycle management and monitoring
  • With us, you can reinvent your business models, the way you operate and the services you provide to your customers and unleash this formidable opportunity for competitiveness and growth in the age of Industry 4.0

Air Quality Monitoring System

  • Air Quality Monitoring System is a facility to measure parameters such as gas, temperature, humidity and pressure continuously to determine the level of air quality It is assisted with a customizable dashboard with real-time data visualization
  • This product is conducive to organizations looking for end to end air quality monitoring solutions focusing on sustainable environment with healthier air and maintain ambient conditions
  • Air Quality Monitoring System(AQMS) is a comprehensive solution developed by Chiplogic Technologies focused to provide end-to-end solution everything from the selection of sensors to packaging to designing a customizable dashboard for data visualization
  • AQMS is focused to disrupt industries such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare and indoor office spaces by providing real-time insights enriched with data that can help maintain breathable air and ambient conditions

Salient features of AQMS:

Can measure:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • VOC gases like Ethane, Isoprene/2-methyl-1, 3 Butadiene, Ethanol, Acetone, Carbon Monoxide

Designed to operate in harsh atmospheric conditions

Real time data visualization in customizable dashboard

Email notification and alerts to ensure safe operation

Download AQMS Brochure


Chiplogic Technologies is in the forefront of providing suitable solutions for industries to help you establish IoT connectivity across your businesses and analyze factory floor and real time data from equipment. Improve quality control, reduce downtime, predict failures and enhance the safety and experience of your employees.

Our Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions also enables you to reduce maintenance costs and avoid breakdowns, thus empowering your business with a competitive edge

IoT Lifecycle Management

  • IoT life cycle management enables enterprises to deploy end-to-end IoT solutions worrying less about additional configuration, debugging, firmware updates, operation and end of life issues and focus more on their businesses as it’s a holistic suite of tools, platforms and services at address multiple challenges.
  • The IoT Lifecycle has 4 major stages:

Design and development




  • Our IoT life cycle management services helps you to accelerate deployments and mange them which is focussed to overcome the shortcomings of the vast IoT market which often lead to tremendous inefficiencies and gaps in knowledge, project plans and business concepts contributing to progress or decline of an organization

Predictive Maintenance

  • Predictive maintenance in IIoT is a key methodology which helps us prevent asset failures by monitoring production and performance data to recognize patterns and estimate concerns before they occur which is backed by analytics. This greatly results in improving the maintenance efficiency as compared to the conventional manual approach.
  • From harnessing sensor data situated on devices, transferring these data and storing them in the cloud to applying predictive analytics algorithms to generate insights and identify patterns , the process of predictive maintenance helps you to overcome and avail wide range of business benefits such as enhanced efficiency, decreased maintenance time, customer satisfaction and competitive edge.
  • We offer you with our wide range of IoT based Predictive Maintenance solutions for electrical motors , CNC machines, furnaces, paint shops etc.

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