5G+AI Applications & Usecases

We envision a world where virtually all devices are much more intelligent, simplifying and enriching our daily lives. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is delivering enhanced experiences and new capabilities to our society in more ways than ever. AI not only provides the ability for our devices to perceive, reason, and act intuitively, but also changes how we approach and solve technical challenges

At the same time, the tech industry is making constant leap forward in the 5G communication domain. Today, the global transition to 5G is now in full swing: there are over 175 mobile operators that have launched commercial 5G services globally and many more are actively investing in new 5G deployments.

Key message

  • AI will make 5G work several times better, much more efficiently in the network
  • AI will help create intelligent user-centric applications on 5G Edge devices which get access to enormous compute and data/network resources on the fly!

5G + AI = Connected Intelligence

5G and AI together is the perfect amalgamation of two cutting edge technologies which is paving the way for the future. These two technologies compliment each other very well thus enhancing the capabilities of each other.

AI advancements can help improve 5G system performance and efficiency, while the proliferation of 5G connected devices can drive distributed intelligence with continued enhancements in AI learning and inference.

With the role of edge intelligence becoming more and more important, the connected edge intelligence is transforming the connected world and it is going to unravel the true potential of 5G

AI will enrich 5G efficiency in many ways!

Much of the talk in the wireless industry has been around how AI will make the 5G network better. And it is very clear that AI will have a strong impact on several key areas of 5G network management -- such as enhanced service quality, simplified deployment, higher network efficiency, and improved network security. For example, AI could be used to detect anomalies in network traffic, such as flooding or impersonation, by detecting unusual spectrum usage.

Unlike earlier generations of 3G and 4G wireless, 5G can deliver fibre-optic like speeds and always-on reliability that make it viable for use in industries beyond mobile —from connected cars to the metaverse to wireless home broadband to automated connected factories.

Urban planning and traffic/parking/security management for smart cities

  • AI powered visual inspection to improve safety for the city
  • Intelligent traffic management
  • Smart poles/digital signage
  • Smart parking management
  • Improved fleet and transportation management
  • Quick and efficient disaster management

Distributed learning and inferencing for AI over 5G network

  • Spread processing of AI over multiple devices harnessing the massive computing available over the internet
  • The data may not need to leave the devices leading to better data privacy
  • Better customization of AI on the fly

The bottom-line

With the combination of 5G and AI, the world of technology is expected to witness some transformational changes in communication and edge intelligence and the systems will be able to support continual improvements through self-learning, where both sides of the air interface — the network and device — can adapt to their surroundings dynamically and optimize operations based on what they experience. This is a fundamental shift in the way wireless systems can improve, and we envision this 5G+AI methodology to become part of the future 6G system.

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